What you need to know about Online Casino Free Spins

If you enjoy using online casinos, the chances are that you will be familiar with online slots. The online slot games work in a similar fashion to their land-based counterparts, however online casinos often offer the player free spins upon joining and these spins provide more chances for the punter to win real money. Whenever you are playing real-money slots, it is crucial that you are aware of the things associated with free spins – how to effectively use them and perhaps more importantly, how to get them in the first place.


Get free spins simply by registering

There’s no skill attached to claiming free spins, you can get your hands on them simply by joining an online casino. The vast majority of casinos give them away as part of a welcome bonus and you can even be handed some without the need to make an initial deposit. The free spins given the player a chance to get started straight away and just as importantly they are an opportunity for the user to get a feel of the games provided by the online casino. If the player enjoys the game they are playing, then they may well decide to deposit real money and continue playing it. Simple as that.


Get free spins by playing

Many of the leading online casinos offer players free spins as reward for continuing to play real-money slots, some operators offering monthly, weekly or even daily free spin promotions to regular punters. This is an excellent way to reward loyal players, however it is a good method of retaining existing players and helps ensure that they play more and stay longer.


The ‘secret’ of free spins

Free spins do give the player a chance to win real money, however there are secrets which you must learn. OK so they’re not really secrets but they can be easy to miss and you really do need to be aware of them. This ‘secret’ is called the wagering requirement and most online casinos insist that these must be met in order for the player to withdraw any money earned from free spin winnings.

A wagering requirement means that any player needs to use all the free spins in addition to any winnings earned from them before they can cash out and stop playing. For example: imagine that you receive 10 free spins when joining an online casino. These free spins might have a wagering requirement of 25. On your initial spin, you grab a big win of say £1000. Can you just cash out and leave? No, you will need to play 24 times more. Following the 10th free spin you must start using your winnings until you have met the wagering requirement of 25 spins. Only then can you withdraw any remaining winnings.

Some free spin offers don’t come with any sort of wagering requirement and in this case, you can withdraw any winnings at any time. The question is, which free spins come with a wagering requirement and which don’t? The secret is in the small print, namely the terms and conditions. All reputable online casinos must make all T&Cs crystal clear and it is vitally important that you read and understand all that is required.